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Is Forex A Worth-While Investment For The Average Nigerian?

If you live in Nigeria and you actively use social media, odds are on that you have probably heard the term ‘Forex’ being used around a lot, from shady people hitting you up promising that they will give you an 100% returns on your investment if you invest in Forex through them to someone on social media bragging about how they made millions off investing in Forex.
Forex is one of those terms that seems to be shrouded in mystery, the average person knows the word Forex but would be hard pressed to come up with a suitable explanation for it or how it works. Overtime an even more pressing question has appeared, Is Forex another word synonymous with scam like MMM? Should I be investing my hard-earned money into Forex? Today, we’d be breaking down for you how exactly Forex works.
First things first, what Is Forex? Let’s give you a quick analogy on how Forex works, Say you leave Nigeria and go to Dubai for a vacation, when you get to Dubai, you are obviously not going to spend Naira over t…

Maximizing Social Media For Business Growth: A brief summary of our virtual session with Mr. Ogunde Bolu

It is no big news that the internet has widely gained adoption over the last few years, a sizeable number of people in the country now have access to a smart phone and the internet, even kids do these days and with every passing day, the number of people joining the throng increases.
So what does this mean for business owners? It means you have a very potent tool at your fingertips to reach your prospective customers, seeing as millions of people are on the internet, odds are on that no matter what your service/product is, there is someone on the internet who needs what you have to offer.
Thanks to the advent and immense popularity of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. With just a couple of swipes and keyboard clicks, you now have the platform to talk to thousands of people, gone are the days when you had to pay exorbitant fees at media houses to showcase your business/brand to the world. These days the only fee you need to be paying is for data subs…

Meet Our Customer Of The Month: For July (Olumide Adegbuyi)


Mr Olumide Adegbuyi @legend_enterprise who has been smashing his money goals with ease ever since he started saving with the F&K Mobile app.

Now he has executed a capital project and improved his lifestyle because he chose to be intentional about planning his finances and he started saving using our platform.

Be like Olumide too and start planning towards your goals and the life you deserve.

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#FinancialFreedom #FandKSavings

Financial Planning: Effective Antibiotic for your psychological health by Oyedamola Taiwo

Depression is a rampant epidemic that has established its root in our society unnoticed. We have heard of suicidal attempts and eventual executions. Many have been in a bad mood at one point or another and were able to walk through it because they found a solution, that’s the lucky group! We have some other set of people who relished in their horrible conditions till it aggravated into a mental disorder that ultimately suggests the suicide option. There are many causes of depression but all are primarily linked to a need-gap left unfilled; the need for self-actualization, the need for success, love, acceptance and so many others.

Needs-met is a result of resource availability. Resources can range from people, to location, material things, information and money. Yes, Money! Let’s talk about Money. Whether we like to accept it or not, money provides access to many things that we aspire for. In economics, we describe money as a transaction facilitator. Life is a transaction, we exchange…

Our customer of the month for June 2019

Meet our customer of the month for June 2019, Miss Olutayo Oluwadarasimi, who just recently finished her stint as a corper. Her great short story is that she set a financial goal for herself at the start of her service year and with our platform she was able to smash her goal upon ending her service year and get industrial instruments for her business.
In case you are still wondering on how you can smash those money goals of yours, go get our app on playstore and start saving towards them, we have features designed to help you stay disciplined and smash those money goals with ease.

7 Money Goals You Should Have in 2019.

Having money does not equate to being rich, when it comes down to it, it all depends on how you manage what you have and what uses you put your money to, and irrespective of whether you are currently living paycheck to paycheck or you are well off, there are some essential money goals you should always have and make an habit of, the habits of the wealthy as they are popularly called:

- Living Debt Free: It’s so easy to get mired in the vicious cycle of debts, most times people incur a debt just to pay off another debt somewhere else and the habit of being always in debt is one that eats deeply not only into finances but also into one’s state of mind, for one trapped in debts, getting out of it might seem an incredibly daunting task but it is one that should be made a priority, to get out of debts, it is best to set specific goals.

- Save for emergencies: No one prays for having to deal with an emergency but sometimes these things happen and you should always make sure you are adequat…

Meet our customer of the month for the month of may - Famoofo Seyi.

Don't just take our word for it when we tell you that saving with us makes hitting your finance goals really easy.

Meet our customer of the month for May, Mrs Famoofo Seyi, an entrepreneur based in Ibadan who has found staying focused on her finance goals much easier since she started using our mobile app, in her own words she has been able to save towards particular goals and smash them without stress and her business and financial lifestyle have greatly improved as a result.

Be like Famoofo Seyi and join the ranks of those who save smart and better with F&K Savings, you too will find smashing your money goals not stressful at all.

Thank you, Mrs Famoofo Seyi for being such an amazing customer